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Make love, not war. Be "green".

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Literary works


  • Self-educational-course-passed-by-the-end-of-2016th.pdf (100+ books and authors)
    • sociology, anthropology, ethnography
    • computer science, design, business
    • low-level biology and medicine
    • general biology and wildlife management
  • Self-educational-course-passed-in-youth.pdf (180+ books, authors, movies, and artists)
    • theory of film producing and theatrical directing
    • practice in drawing and computer graphics
    • basics of business management, sociology, and applied psychology
    • running and weightlifting
  • The-most-influential-authors-from-my-teenage-years.pdf (180+ books and authors)
    • world classic literature
    • world ancient and medieval literature
    • world arts history and introductory literature in social sciences
    • popular literature on multiple topics
  • Engineering-part-of-my-background.pdf
    • system and desktop software development
    • higher mathematics and natural sciences
    • general technical subjects
    • deep immersion into Russian/Tatar society and into Jewish diaspora

In spite of having large theoretical and practical background in social sciences, biology, and arts, I have decided that getting Ph.D. in one of these fields is not suitable for me due to the following reasons: Maybe, I'm not correct; however, this decision is based on information I collected gradually over many years.

Sometimes, I use pseudonym "Kamil Rafik"; for example, it is still present in the name of one of my domains. This pseudonym was created in the period of my career when I tried to become a professional filmmaker.