Personal website of Kamil Rafikov


My social and political views may be considered as extremely conservative and oppositional to the modern world. :) At the present time, three statements are completely enough to explain them. However, additions and modifications are possible in the future depending on changing situation.

And they always were the same, starting from childhood! I mention this because I know that some people distribute some terrible rumours about me during many years already.


Usually, I work as web software developer on large business projects.
Currently, I don't look for a job.


About 500 authors, books, movies, and artists:

sociocultural anthropology, applied psychology, parenting, pedagogy;
computer science, design, business, higher mathematics, general technical subjects;
general biology, wildlife management, low-level biology, medicine;
film producing, theatrical directing, computer graphics, drawing;
global and sportive tourism;
world literature history and world arts history.


Literary works

Only some of my works are published here. I don't consider my literary activity as something really valuable, all works were written in different years just for self-expression and for trying new grounds.

Zenodo technical support informed me that my works do not fit purposes of their platform. So, they will not be updated at Zenodo anymore, although may be kept there for public access. Newer versions will be published on my website or on another suitable online platform. Please, check my website for updates, I will highlight them somehow. (In fact, it is expected that updates will be published very rarely.)

Autoethnographic researches:

Classification and Quantification of Cultural Basements and Elements Used in Multicultural Families
Methodology of Researching Teenage Literary Self-Educational Courses

Guides on the topic of family relationships:

How to Build Family and Parenting Models
Survival in Transition between Extended and Nuclear Families
Roadmap for Modern Educated Parents
How to Build Professional Home Library for Teenagers updated
Also, guide on searching females for marriage has been written, but then closed for public access.

Professional guides:

Introduction to Software Development Business
How to Write Fiction
Psychological and Physiological Techniques to Find Insights

Other popular science materials:

Collection of 200+ ideas for social researches has been written, but then closed for public access.

Feature film scripts:

"Blood on the Snow" — social drama about migrants from Caucasus;
"The City of Winter Dreams" — romantic Christmas tragicomedy about Celtic folk music culture, Jewish artists, and Armenian working class immigrants;
"Big Project" — trash-style tragicomedy about sexual problems of young Jewish guy.
(All scripts were written in 2006-2007th years with mixing such styles as Italian American movie, Bollywood movie, modern Western social drama, and coming of age movie with locations in Russia of 1990's and 2000's. I do not write fiction anymore.)